Putting the heart back into location data.

GeoCloud enables personalized and enriched, location based experiences.
What We Do

What we do

Our mission is to aggregate and optimize location data for people to search, share, and communicate around real, local experiences.

Why we do it

To create the world's most connected network that allows consumers to discover and interact with the people and things around them.

The Power of Location Intelligence

For Everyone.

The GeoCloud Platform

Our core technology stack aggregates and optimizes geographically relevant data from multiple sources into a single location-based index.

All of our products and services utilize GeoCloud’s optimized location data.

Mobile experiences
Interactive websites
Hardware applications
Built on the GeoCloud platform, uGeo enables community organizers, business owners and anyone else to discover and interact with the people and things around them.

You can stream content, securely tag and share your location, drop and share pins, message others in your area and search for nearby events, people and services.
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Our Industry –

Location Intelligence and Location-Based Services

This industry is growing as people demand new and improved location-based solutions.

So we’re growing too, continuously improving our GeoCloud platform to deliver on current and future trends in this space and help people easily search, communicate, interact and share content with those around them.
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